Why Devon Homeowners are Embracing the Tesla Powerwall and Solar Panel Combo

At Glo Renewables, we are proud certified Tesla Powerwall installers in Devon and offer the Tesla Powerwall as part of our renewable energy solutions. Our partnership with Tesla enables us to provide sophisticated solar solutions and robust energy storage systems, promising a seamless green energy transition for homes and businesses in Devon.

Devon, UK, is witnessing a remarkable transformation in its energy landscape as more and more homeowners are opting for renewable energy solutions.

The main drivers of this change are the increasing concern about the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the opportunity to achieve significant cost savings.

A prime example of this change is the rising demand for the Tesla Powerwall and solar panels, a game-changing combination that empowers homeowners to generate and store clean energy.

In this blog post, we will explore how the Tesla Powerwall works and why it is the perfect partner for solar panels. 

Understanding the Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is a state-of-the-art energy storage system that has revolutionised households’ approach to energy consumption across the globe. It optimises solar energy self-consumption, thus enhancing the functionality of solar systems while minimising energy costs.

Features and Design

The Tesla Powerwall is an embodiment of aesthetic appeal and functionality. It comes with a sleek design and an embedded inverter and battery management system, thus adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home while ensuring easy installation.

Furthermore, the Powerwall operates noiselessly and requires no routine maintenance, thus providing a hassle-free renewable energy solution for homeowners.

Capacity and Efficiency

The Tesla Powerwall boasts an impressive storage capacity of 13.7 kWh, sufficient to meet the power needs of an average home for an entire day. Its high efficiency and consumption ratio make it a valuable asset for substantial long-term savings on energy costs.

Backup Power and Off-grid Capability

In times of power outages, storms or natural disasters, the Powerwall automatically activates, providing energy for essential needs such as refrigeration, lighting, and air conditioning. Its “Off-grid” setting enables simulated off-grid energy usage, and it can even charge your electric vehicle with stored solar energy.

Warranty and Lifespan

The Powerwall comes with a 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind to homeowners. It is designed to last up to a decade with proper maintenance, thus ensuring years of reliable, clean power.

Tesla Powerwall and Solar Panels: A Perfect Combo

Pairing the Tesla Powerwall with solar panels creates an efficient renewable energy system. The solar panels harness sunlight throughout the day, while the Powerwall stores this energy for later use, significantly reducing your dependence on the grid.

Transforming Solar Energy Use

Solar panels generate electricity from the sun, but with a storage solution, much of this energy can be used, especially when the sun isn’t shining. By storing the excess solar power, the Powerwall ensures that your home remains powered by clean, renewable energy, even during the night or on cloudy days.

Increased Energy Independence

With the Powerwall and solar panels, homeowners can dramatically increase their energy independence. The Powerwall stores the solar energy produced during the day for use at night or when the sun isn’t shining, reducing the need to draw power from the grid.

Cost Savings

By utilising the stored solar energy, homeowners can significantly lower their energy costs. The Powerwall ensures that more of your home’s electricity usage comes directly from the sun, reducing the amount spent on energy bills.

Tesla Powerwall installers in Devon

Residents of Devon, UK, are already reaping the benefits of the Tesla Powerwall and solar panel combo. By reducing their grid energy consumption by up to 86% in some cases using Tesla Powerwall.

Seamless Integration with Solar PV System

Having a solar PV system installed on your home’s roof. The Powerwall is designed and installed to work with this system, enabling Devon homeowners to store the electricity generated during the day rather than feed it back to the grid when it’s not used.

Monitoring Energy Production and Storage

With a simple app on your phone and/or computer, you can monitor how much energy your solar PV system generates and how this directly feeds into your Tesla Powerwall. This gives you real-time data and control over your energy production and storage.

Significant Reduction in Grid Energy Consumption

The integration of the Powerwall with your solar PV system allows you to become more self-sufficient, drastically reducing your electricity bills in some cases and enabling you to power your house even during power outages or grid issues.

The Powerwall and Solar Panel Combo from Glo Renewables

At Glo Renewables we take pride in our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. As part of our offerings, we are delighted to provide the Tesla Powerwall – an advanced energy storage system that seamlessly integrates with our solar solutions. Through our partnership with Tesla, we strive to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transition to green energy for homes and businesses in Devon.

Quality Installation Services

Our expert team of solar technicians will assess your property and energy needs and design a tailor-made plan for the installation of the Powerwall and solar panels. We ensure seamless integration with your home and lifestyle, guaranteeing the optimal use of renewable energy.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to propelling Devon towards a sustainable, energy-independent future. With Tesla’s revolutionary products in our arsenal, we are better positioned than ever to offer our customers sophisticated, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solar energy solutions.

Take the Leap Towards Energy Independence

Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our Tesla solar and storage solutions and take a giant leap towards energy independence. With Glo Renewables, you have a trusted partner in your journey towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Your Tesla Powerwall & Solar Panel Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tesla Powerwall, and how does it work with solar panels?

Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system that can store excess solar energy generated by your solar panels and use it to power your home during the night or during a power outage.

Powerwall can also reduce electricity bills by allowing you to use solar energy during peak demand when grid electricity is more expensive. Powerwall works with any grid-tied solar system and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

How much do Tesla Powerwall and solar panels cost, and how can I save money with them?

Tesla Powerwall and solar panel costs vary depending on the system size, installation location, and available incentives. You can get an estimate of your system cost and savings by using Tesla’s online calculator.

By installing Tesla Powerwall and solar panels, you can save money on your electricity bills by using clean and renewable energy, avoiding peak demand charges, and earning credits or payments from your utility for exporting excess solar energy to the grid.

How long do Tesla Powerwall and solar panels last, and what is the warranty?

Tesla Powerwall and solar panels are designed to last decades and require minimal maintenance. Tesla Powerwall has a 10-year warranty that covers unlimited cycles and up to 70% of its original capacity. Tesla solar panels have a 25-year warranty that covers performance, workmanship, and weatherisation. Tesla also offers a 20-year service agreement that covers monitoring, support, and repairs for your Powerwall and solar panel system.

How can I monitor and control Tesla Powerwall and solar panels?

You can monitor and control Tesla Powerwall and solar panels using the Tesla app on your smartphone or tablet. The app lets you view your solar production, battery status, home energy consumption, and grid activity in real-time. To optimise energy usage and savings, you can also customise your Powerwall settings, such as backup reserve, self-powered mode, and time-based control. The app also notifies you of any updates, alerts, or issues with your system and provides access to Tesla’s customer support.

Can Tesla’s powerwall and solar panels provide backup power during a blackout?

Yes, Tesla’s powerwall and solar panels can provide backup power during a blackout. Powerwall can detect a grid outage and automatically switch to backup mode, powering your essential loads with stored solar energy or solar energy directly from your panels. A powerwall can also recharge from solar power during a prolonged outage, extending your backup duration and enhancing your energy security. You can use the Tesla app to choose how much of your home you want to back up and how much battery capacity you want to reserve for emergencies.


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