The Complete Guide to the GivEnergy EV Charger

Driving electrically powered vehicles with an EV charger is a significant step towards a sustainable future. However, the efficiency of these vehicles, particularly the electric car battery charger, highly relies on how they are charged. That’s where the GivEnergy EV Charger steps in with its innovative EV charger, a solution that’s not just intelligent but also adaptable to various energy sources. This comprehensive guide will delve into the details of this cutting-edge technology.

The GivEnergy EV Charger: An Overview

The GivEnergy EV charger is a smart charger for car batteries designed to work seamlessly with grid power, renewable energy and home storage batteries. As an app-controlled device, it offers the flexibility to tailor your charging schedule to your daily needs.

Key Features

  • Accessible: The charger is competitively priced, making green charging readily available to all.
  • Smart: Integrated with WiFi, it is app-controlled and provides a wealth of data.
  • Effortless: The charger is easy to install and offers quick plug-and-go charging.
  • Compact: The design is sleek and compact, ideal for installation in tight spaces.
  • Durable: The charger is robust enough to be installed indoors or outdoors, regardless of the weather.
  • Future-proofed: The charger is designed to be compatible with renewables and most electric vehicles.

GivEnergy EV Charger Options

This remarkable EV charger offers the flexibility to utilise different energy sources for charging your EV.

  1. Grid Power: You can schedule your charging during off-peak hours when energy is cheaper and cleaner.
  2. Renewable Power: You can charge your EV using surplus energy from solar, wind, or hydro generation.
  3. Battery Power: You have the ability to control the energy flow from your storage battery to your EV charger.

This adaptability of the EV charger ensures that you can choose the power source based on your setup and preferences.

Control at Your Fingertips – GivEnergy app

The GivEnergy EV charger can be easily managed via the GivEnergy app, allowing you to specify when to start and stop charging and which energy source to use. The app also provides in-depth energy consumption and cost data through its monitoring portal, enabling you to make informed choices about your energy usage.

A Part of a Larger EV Ecosystem

The GivEnergy EV charger is a key component of the broader GivEnergy smart technology portfolio. Their range includes inverters, battery storage systems, energy management software, and various accessories accessible through the GivEnergy portal. This integrated ecosystem empowers you to take charge of your energy usage, save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

EV battery charger Technical Specifications

  • 7kW / 32A AC power output rating
  • 5m charging cable length
  • IP65 rating
  • Dimensions: 288H x 260W x 112D (mm)

Compatibility with Solar Panels

GivEnergy EV charger, known as the best solar charger for car batteries, supports solar diversion, enabling it to utilise surplus energy from your solar PV array to charge your EV. Alternatively, you can use a battery system to store excess solar energy and discharge it to your EV when needed.

Smart Tariff Support

The Electric Vehicle charger supports fixed time of use and flexible tariffs. It’s designed to work with energy providers like Octopus for direct API integration, enabling inbuilt algorithms to automatically take advantage of low rates, making it a cost-effective Octopus EV charger.

Compatibility with GivEnergy and Third-party Batteries

The EV charger works seamlessly with the GivEnergy home battery, allowing you to control the energy flow from your battery storage to the charger. It also supports third-party batteries, albeit with limited functionality due to software compatibility issues.

GivEnergy EV Charger without Solar or Storage

Even without solar or a storage battery, the GivEnergy EV charger can work with the grid power, allowing you to schedule your charging during off-peak periods for cost and environmental efficiency.

Warranty and Installation

The GivEnergy EV charger, a tethered ev charger, comes with a standard 3-year warranty. Installation is quick and easy, typically completed within an hour without the need for an earth rod. However, it is recommended to have the charger installed by GivEnergy-approved EV home charger installers near me or a qualified electrician.

Charging Modes for the GivEnergy EV Charger

The 7kw GivEnergy EV charger offers up to four charging modes: Hybrid, Solar, Schedules, and Grid. The available modes and 7kw cable size depend on the installation approach used.

What powers EV charging stations?

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, also known as charge points or EVSE charger, are powered primarily by the electrical grid. This grid is fueled by various sources of energy, such as fossil fuels, nuclear, or renewable resources like solar, wind, or hydroelectric power.

The EV charger charging process involves converting AC power from the grid into DC power to charge the EV’s battery. Some charging stations, especially fast or superchargers, are directly connected to high-capacity power lines for a quicker charge.

Moreover, some EV charger stations are also incorporated with renewable energy systems. For example, the best solar battery charger stations use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, which either directly powers the charging station or is stored in a battery for later use. This provides a sustainable and green alternative, reducing the carbon footprint of EV charging.

In the future, as energy production shifts towards more renewable sources, the power for EV charger stations is expected to become increasingly green. This would make electric vehicles an even more environmentally friendly transportation option.


The GivEnergy EV charger is an innovative product that offers flexibility, convenience and efficiency. It’s a smart EV charger UK investment for every EV owner seeking to optimise their charging options, reduce costs and contribute towards a greener planet. The EV charger price and EV charger sale make it even more attractive.

As a new addition to the GivEnergy ecosystem, the app controlled EV charger is continually being improved. Please note that updates may happen more regularly as it’s a product on the cutting edge of energy tech.


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